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Florida VAT refund. #1 is right, a VAT refund, which is what OP asked about, isn’t possible anywhere in the US, including Louisiana, because there is not VAT anywhere in the US, including Louisiana. A sales tax refund is possible in Lousiana, as #1 said. Your post added no value.

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Best Answer: Nope; the sales taxes you were charged are not going to be refunded by either the feds or the states. florida taxes tourists. There is no refund opportunity. From Florida’s regulations: A dealer is required to collect tax on sales of tangible personal property when the property is delivered to the purchaser or the purchaser’s representative in Florida, whether the disclosed or.

August 17, 2011. Sales tax in the United States is usually levied as a "destination tax," which means that it’s imposed regardless of your state or country of residence. That means that, as a rule of thumb, international visitors can’t get a refund for general sales tax paid in the United States.

Download Tourist Tax Return forms to help you determine how much tax your business owes. The forms are in Excel spreadsheet format and contain formulas that assist with the calculations of the taxes. monthly tax Return forms. The AB Return (.xls) is for restaurants and food and beverage facilities that collect the tax at 1 percent. The facility.

Sales Tax Refund for Tourist. Most countries have a sales tax refund scheme for tourists from other countries. Does Florida have a way for tourists to apply for a sales tax refund. Fort Lauderdale. No refunds on sales tax- it’s nothing like the VAT system in Europe- sorry! I’ll probably choose somewhere else to spend my money.

Yes. For the purpose of collecting sales tax revenue, the Florida Department of Revenue requires all vacation rental homeowners to register with the state prior to collecting sales tax on vacation rental revenue. What is the current sales tax rate in Florida for short-term rentals? The current state sales tax rate in Florida is 6 percent.

Answer 1 of 4: Most countries have a sales tax refund scheme for tourists from other countries. Does Florida have a way for tourists to apply for a sales tax refund. Thanks.

Look for the "Tax Free Shopping for Tourists" sign in stores and the process of. not owe VAT, a system has been set up to refund these ill-gotten taxes to you.

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