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Raccoon pictured ‘riding alligator’

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A Florida agency is investigating potential animal cruelty charges after a lawyer posted video of himself shooing a raccoon off his boat into the Gulf of Mexico. The raccoon appeared growling and.

On 14 June 2015, a number of Florida news outlets published a seemingly remarkable photograph, sent to them by a man named Richard Jones, showing a raccoon riding the back of an alligator like a.

A Facebook user did just that and captured it all on video when she saw a raccoon riding in a driver’s lap, hanging out the window going down a Homossassa, Florida, highway. The raccoon looks so.

 · Pictured: Hitchhiking racoon spotted riding an alligator down Florida river. THE raccoon reacted to hearing a noise nearby so hopped on the back.

But according to this article, the raccoon was only on the alligator’s back for a few seconds before the gator slid into the water and the raccoon hopped off. Richard Jones, who was in Ocala National Forest on vacation, managed to click the picture at precisely the right moment.

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OCALA, Fla. – A Palatka, Florida, man says he snapped a picture of a raccoon on top of an alligator in the Ocala National Forest on Saturday morning. Jones said his son must have startled the raccoon,

A man named Richard Jones told the local news that he’d snapped the picture himself, and a lot of Florida news outlets ran with it. The story spread to larger publications. It went viral. The raccoon.

A Florida man says he snapped a picture that’s truly "only in Florida" – of a raccoon riding on top of an alligator. Richard Jones told WFTV took the photo while he and his family walked along the.

The only thing cooler is the fact that just two months later we’ve already been treated to another example of epic Florida wildlife intermingling; this time in the form of this blasé raccoon, which.

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