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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Pushing For TOTAL BAN on Sanctuary Cities!

Gov. Ron DeSantis on Friday signed a bill passed earlier this year that requires local governments to work with the feds to enforce immigration laws. The legislation began as an anti-“sanctuary.

republican gov. ron DeSantis is pushing for a ban on sanctuary cities that refuse to cooperate with federal immigration authorities. Several bills making their way through the state legislature would effectively make it against the law for police departments to refuse to cooperate with federal immigration officials.

Sanctuary cities are illegal. They create safe spaces for violations of immigration law. And those safe spaces are also spaces for criminality. Now, Governor DeSantis is preparing to take them on in Florida. Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis is pushing for a ban on sanctuary cities that refuse to cooperate with federal immigration authorities.

 · Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis is expected to sign a bill banning sanctuary cities on Friday, following through on his vow to legislators in March that "Florida will not be a sanctuary state." DeSantis is to sign the bill in the chambers of the Okaloosa County Board of Commissioners in the Florida Panhandle, Politico reports.

Florida’s newly sworn-in republican governor ron desantis said there would be no sanctuary cities in Florida on Tuesday. <iframe src="https://globalnews.ca/video/embed/4827074/" width="670".

The long-shot efforts by Florida Republicans to ban so-called sanctuary cities in the state may have a better chance this year, as key GOP lawmakers align to push legislation that Gov. Ron DeSantis.

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 · Florida’s new governor isn’t wasting any time pushing for a bold ban on sanctuary cities in his state. He is demanding cooperation with federal immigration authorities when it comes to the illegal immigrant population

The statement comes after Florida’s Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill that blocks localities from becoming sanctuary cities, also mandating local governments and law enforcement agencies to cooperate with federal immigration authorities.

Legislature Sends Governor GOP Ban on Sanctuary Policies The Florida Legislature has sent Gov. Ron DeSantis a high-profile Republican bill banning sanctuary policies for undocumented immigrants.

Florida Gov. DeSantis to sign ‘sanctuary cities’ bill Friday.. Rep. Cord Byrd considering bill that would ban sanctuary cities in Florida. 2020 Dems push health care for illegal.

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